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The Best Way To Kill Your Church’s Social Media

I’ve been posting alot about content recently. And while content is what provides value for your church and your community through social media, it is not the foundation of your church’s social media presence. Content will not keep your church’s social media presence going in the long run. Relationships will keep your church’s social media […]

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Your Church’s Problem in Social Media

If I had to guess, one of your church’s biggest challenges isn’t what you actually think it is. Most people think that they don’t have enough content to have a consistent presence on social media. When in reality, it’s not a lack of content that is your church’s problem, but it is a lack of […]

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Churches Are Social Media Content Factories

Justin Wise said it at the Echo Conference in July, “Churches are content factories. We just need to learn how to utilize that content.” And he’s right. Many times as pastors and leaders in the church we get hung up on this ‘content problem.’ The questions I get asked most from pastors is, “What should […]

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