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Echo12 :: Creativity Overcoming Safety – Cole NeSmith

Cole NeSmith is from Orlando, FL, where he has served on staff as part of the Status Church community for the last 6 years. In addition to now serving as the church’s pastor, Cole has also served as the Creative Director since 2005. During that time, he developed a passion to see people engage with God […]

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Story Session 5: Gary Dorsey

Gary Dorsey is the founder of the design firm, Pixel Peach. He compares art inside the church and art outside the church, and explores how we can do great art while being Christians.

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The Art of Giving

Some people can’t stand their jobs. It takes everything in them just to get through the day. What if you viewed your job as your art? What if you gave your art away? What if I gave you a copy of an invaluable resource? Win a copy of Linchpin!

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