Other Stuff I’m Doing

I am involved in many different projects…you should check them out

  • Always Improving¬†- This is a blog that will hopefully always be improving. The goal is to serve as a resource for you in church communications and more specifically in social media in your church. Click here to make this blog better.
  • Writing – I love writing for other blogs and publications on the topic of social media strategy and organization. If you run a blog and are looking for some fresh content, firstly I’d love to read it! And I’m always open to writing when my time permits. Click here to contact me.
  • Speaking – One of the best ways that I learn is by attending conferences and listening to other experienced people. Similarly I love to share what I’ve learned with others. Contact me if you want me to come to you!
  • OUTSPOKEN: Conversations on Church Communications – This is one of the books on church communications that I have had the privilege of contributing to. It is an invaluable resource for those in Church Communications. In fact, it has 50 contributors in all, all of which are amazing people. My good friend Tim Schraeder is the mastermind behind the whole idea and he is the general editor.