Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit :: Erwin McManus #wcagls

He leads a complex, multi-campus church, yet convention, programs, and structures repel him. Erwin McManus remains unencumbered by the human creations that can crowd out the essence of the Spirit’s work in the world. “Don’t do evangelism,” he says. “Live Christ.” McManus purposefully immerses himself in the culture around him—the fashion and entertainment industry of Los Angeles. It’s been as normative for him to start a clothing line and produce a hit Super Bowl commercial as it has been for him to teach at Mosaic on Sunday mornings. McManus imparts to his listeners a holistic perspective of ministry that compels integration and action—and leaves “doing church” in the dust.

  • I am so convinced that one of the greatest challenges for those of us in the faith, is to have a different relationship with the future.
  • Ecclesiastes 1. Ecclesiastes is probably one of my favorite books in all of Scripture.
  • I’ve always had an uncomfortable relationship with Ecclesiastes 1. I’ve struggled to agree with Solomon here.
  • Solomon was wrong. There is something new under the sun. It seems like there are a lot of new things happening in the Bible. We have this oppressive worldview that tells us there is nothing new under the sun.
  • If you live your life outside of God then you are destined to a life of endless repetition.
  • But if you live in Christ then everything is new. You become a new creation.
  • When we live our lives we become a part of the created order, and we become God’s instruments.
  • Noah saved the human race, he heard the voice, he built the ark, he did the job.
  • Why do we wait for someone else to create the better future?
  • We need to become the cultivators of human talent. We need to become the stewards of human potential.
  • Most of us die painfully, tragically, ordinary.
  • The church needs to be the nurture of the human spirit.
  • The moment I met Jesus Christ, something came alive in me. What is spiritual leadership if we do not set the human spirit free to live?
  • If we do something incredible then the world will ask us what inspires us.
  • We need to become the narrators of the human story.
  • The church needs to reclaim its place as the epicenter of creativity.
  • We have taken on a very false narrative in the church.
  • whoever tells the best story, shapes the culture.
  • Jesus has come and he makes all things new

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