Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit :: Patrick Lencioni #wcagls

Patrick Lencioni is the founder and president of The Table Group, a firm dedicated to providing organizations with ideas, products and services that improve teamwork, clarity and employee engagement. Lencioni’s passion for organizations and teams is reflected in his writing, speaking and consulting.

  • “Getting Naked” means to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is so powerful.
  • Vulnerability – Capable of being physically or emotionally wounded. Open to attack or damage.
  • Pain and sacrifice is so counter-cultural.
  • Vulnerability
    • Fear of losing the business – we have to exercise a willingness to be rejected.
      • Enter the danger.
      • Speak the kind truth. – Kindness comes from empathizing with them.
    • Fear of being embarrassed – we have to put ourselves in a position to be embarrassed.
      • Ask dumb questions.
      • Celebrate our mistakes. – The best leaders are the ones who point out their sweat.
    • Fear of feeling inferior – The last thing we want to do is put ourselves in a low position.
      • Honor your clients work. – Be so interested in them,
      • Being vulnerable is attractive. It builds trust.
      • It’s not easy. It involves suffering and pain sometimes.
  • We are called to be humble and vulnerable because we were called by the most humble and vulnerable leader.

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