Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit :: Bill Hybels #wcagls

Relentless learner. Driven to action. Deep, personal sacrifice. These characteristics have propelled Bill Hybels through 35 years of ever-shifting challenges as senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church and Chairman of the Board at Willow Creek Association. The author of more than two dozen books including current bestseller The Power of a Whisper, Hybels trains Christian leaders world-wide—and consistently pushes himself to get better as a leader, every year. Single-minded in his passion for the local church, he issues hard-hitting truths that challenge people to take their organizations to the next level. Hybels’ successes—and mistakes—bring high-definition clarity to the things truly worthy of your leadership time and investment.

Bill also opened the Global Leadership Summit by asking 5 critical leadership questions. Read it here.

  • If you watch one episode of the evening news, you know our world is broken, and its getting worse. And the fixes that are going to be required for many of the ills of our society aren’t going to be easy assignments. The fixes are going to take decades or lifetimes, not short services.
  • God is looking some strong shouldered leaders, who will take on tough assignments anywhere in this world. I don’t have to have all of the earthly successes tied to it.
  • It takes more courage than first meets the eye.
  • Some of you run large businesses. And there may be a small cause in your community that needs help. You may be able to take some of your leadership and help this cause.
  • Have you listened? Do you have the courage to do that?

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