Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit :: Brenda Salter McNeil

“The Church of today is a place of collaboration, a countercultural community of reconciliation and justice,” says Rev. Brenda Salter McNeil, a much-sought-after speaker worldwide—and one frequently requested by attendees of The Global Leadership Summit. President of a leadership development organization and a 2010 presenter at the Lausanne World Congress in South Africa, Rev. Salter McNeil is zealous about preparing the Church for the impact of globalization by changing the way the next generation of Christian leaders think and act toward people who are different. Rev. Salter McNeil is a lightning rod for transformation, bringing people together from all nationalities to complete our shared Kingdom assignment in the Church and beyond.

  • I wish these catalytic events were nice, and comfortable, but they aren’t.
  • Most of us have been impacted by huge demographic and cultural shifts. Who could have expected that young people could rally groups that could affect governments?
  • Through the use of technology they are able to connect to someone in an instant. They know they’re global.
  • Technology has made it possible for the globe to connect to each other.
  • This global call happened in the birth of the church in Acts 1:8
  • Our mission is to be the kind of leaders who lead the church forward beyond the sound barrier into the globalness of what God calls us to be.
  • It takes courage to be a catalytic leader in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem (at home), we must face ourselves.
  • Jesus then calls us to press through the sound barrier in Judea, which represents the place that is close to home, but not quite home. Ministry in Judea is not simple. It requires catalytic change, and leadership.
  • Next we are called to Samaria. Samaria is also close to us, but we avoid it like the plague. This is a place of people who are hostile toward us. The places where we drive by and have to “lock our doors.”
  • Samaria is the place of sex trafficking. Samaria is the place of child soldiers. Samaria is the place of corporate greed. Someone profits off this stuff. You will be my witnesses.
  • It takes an extraordinary, spirit-filled leader to go to Samaria.
  • Sometimes you have to use unorthodox tactics in Samaria.
  • How do we prepare to break through our sound barriers?
  • Move out of our comfort zones into the world around us. We have to have something that pushes us from where we are to where we are supposed to be.
  • Instead of being so scared of the rhetoric we are hearing about globalization, we need to interpret those events through the eyes of Scripture. Maybe God is doing this so that people who have been isolated from each other have to collaborate together.
  • Are you ready to break through your sound barrier?
  • Things to do:
    • Pray for a divine mandate. We can’t do something about everything, but we can do something about some things. God break our hearts for what breaks your heart. It starts with God and not with us.
    • Name your catalytic events. Stop ignoring them. Instead stop and ask God, ‘What are you doing?’ How is the Spirit of God moving in this city? We need Christian leaders who don’t view these seismic shifts as catastrophes, but we need to see them as catalytic event where God is going to break in.
    • Mobilize people to go! Faith without works is dead. Move outside of our Jerusalem into Judea. When you mobilize into Judea, don’t stop there. But keep going into Samaria. I’m not looking for people to just go and help, but I’m looking for people to go and learn. Learn the language of the people. Speak with credibility and authenticity.
  • Where is your Samaria? That is where Jesus is calling you to go.

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