Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit :: Cory Booker

In 2006, while still in his thirties, Cory Booker was elected mayor of Newark, New Jersey. With degrees from Stanford University and Oxford University (where he attended as a Rhodes Scholar), he moved to Newark during his final year at Yale Law School. In the years that followed, he lived in a troubled housing complex in the city’s Central Ward, advocated for education reform, served on the City Council, and founded the non-profit organization Newark Now. Unconventional in his approach to urban issues, he represents a new generation of pragmatic urban politicians. Since his election, Newark has seen a significant reduction in crime, doubled the amount of affordable housing under construction, slashed the city budget, and attracted over $100 million in private philanthropy.

  • What does it mean to stand up for something?
  • My parents wanted me to understand that I will always face in my life outrageous adversaries, but I must be willing to stand. Before I can truly stand tall, I must understand that I am a person that drinks deeply from wells of freedom that I did not dig. I have a choice. Am I going to grow dumb, fat, and happy, or will I stand up metabolizing all of my blessings to move forward?
  • This world has forces that will try to crush you, and they will try to low and force you into mediocrity.
  • Everyone is born an original, but sadly most die copies.
  • We are people here and we are the result of those people who didn’t see the world in the way that others saw it. In the midst of slavery, they saw freedom. We are here because of people who had extraordinary vision and courage.
  • The world you see outside of you will always be a reflection of what is inside of you.
  • Never let the world outside of you dim the purpose that God has given you today.
  • Embody and demand the change you want to see in the world.
  • I can talk about the world all I want, but in truth that is nothing bu
  • The only way to make change in this world is to start with one’s self.
  • Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear one thing you say. It is about your values that you live. It is about your thoughts that you put into action.
  • Right now in this moment you can change the world.
  • How can we in America tolerate dozens of people murdered everyday? How can we all come together for this boy’s funeral, but where were we for this boy’s life?
  • Are we evidencing our truth?
  • Let us now stand up and tell our truth to a world that is yearning for it. In this world we don’t get everything that we pay for, but we pay for everything that we get.
  • Let us stand because those words we say “Liberty and justice for all” cannot just be a pledge, but they must be a part of our life.

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