Echo 11 Roundup

Well Tim Schraeder beat me to the punch with his Echo 11 Recap, but I thought I’d post my thoughts from the conference for two reasons…

  1. It helps me process.
  2. I think it will be helpful to you, especially if you weren’t able to attend.

This was my third year attending Echo, and it was one of the most unique years for me personally. Over the past year I have gotten to know so many people from different churches around the country, they have become my genuine friends. So this year was really like a reunion! It was great to not only catch up on a church communications level, but also on a personal friend level as well. So cool! This also just highlighted the importance of connecting during these times at these conferences. So many of us follow alot of people on Twitter, but never get the chance to actually meet them face-to-face. Echo is that place. I’ve learned that if you follow someone on Twitter, and you see them at Echo, don’t be afraid to walk up to them and introduce yourself. That is how relationships are formed, and if nothing else you can learn so much from each other.

One of my biggest takeaways from the actual content of the conference was probably the importance of organization. Many times we as creatives use the excuse that we are creative so we aren’t able to be organized. This is a myth. I believe we can and should be organized, and when we are organized we are able to be much more productive.

Scott Belsky was the speaker who hit on this topic the most. He absolutely kicked my butt, and I am working this week to become more organized. See my notes here and get organized!

There are also a couple other people who have blogged their notes as well. Check out Joseph Dickens’ notes, and Tim Schraeder’s notes.

Church Marketing Sucks also put together a great roundup of all the notes captured.

If you do any type of media or communications in a church I would highly recommend that you attend Echo 12! This is the one conference every year that brings together everyone in church media & communications. You can also get the recordings of this year’s sessions, which are great resources for you and your team.

Did you attend Echo?

If so, what was your biggest takeaway?

If not, what are you going to do to make sure you get there next year? :)

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