Echo 11 :: Jon Acuff – Closing The Gap

What if? This is the question Jon Acuff is asking, and the answer is surprising. With a blog that is read in over 97% of the countries in the world, Jon Acuff has spent the last three years exploring what it means to take ideas to unexpected places.

Touring the country as a sought-after speaker, he’s worked with everyone from dairy farmers to CEOs of billion-dollar companies to turn ideas into action. And it all started with two words: What if?

Closing The Gap

  • When I started my blog “Stuff Christians Like” it started to blow up, and grow faster and faster.
  • I realized that this is what I wanted to do.
  • We are in this age where many people are a teacher, but want to be an artist…they are a _______, but they want to be a __________.
  • I started to write about this, and that is where “Quitter” came.
  • I started to think about the gap that exists between who we are and who we want to be.
  • When we get excited about something, when we get an idea, how do we cross that gap?
  • What do we do when we get to that point?
  • We’re trying to share the Gospel in the 21st century.
  • What do you when you find yourself on the edge of that big adventure?
    • You need to ignore the voices – I’m a huge fan of counseling. This point started in counseling.
      • What do your voices tell you? I tried to hide from that question, but it haunted me. I asked artists that question, and I never met an artist that had a positive response to that question.
      • What are my own voices? “No one will ever buy a book from you that isn’t Christian satire.” “Someone smarter has already done that.” – It is so easy to compare ourselves with social media.
        • Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.
        • We look at our small project and we think it isn’t good enough.
        • One of the voices all of us are going to hear is “Who are you to do that?”
        • If you feel like a mess-up, welcome to the club.
        • The right question is, who is God to do that? Is he bigger than all of these challenges? Yes.
    • Face your fears
      • When I think about fear, I think about spiders.
      • I stayed in Costa Rica, one time, and they put me in a closet that was exposed to the outside.
      • That wasn’t the worst part, the worst part was the spiders.
      • Anytime you come up against a big project, other fears get loud.
      • 3 fears:
        • The fear of starting – the blank page fear – when you start something, the dragon of perfectionism is awakened. Perfectionism always presents itself as close. Perfect is always close. 1 more reshoot, 1 more edit, etc.
          • Murder perfectionism
          • 90% perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in my head.
          • When perfectionism gets loud, aim for the A–.
        • The fear of failure – God is about filling hearts first, not rooms.
          • The worst type of failure is to fail on things that don’t matter.
        • The fear of success – You’re afraid to fail and to succeed. When good things happen, there is expectation.
          • A diamond is just a rock unless you think it has value.
          • There are a lot of things in social media that make you think they are diamonds.
          • When you call the wrong thing a diamond, you treat the right things as rocks.
          • When you work at a church you begin to go to the Bible for ideas, not identity.
          • We need to have friends around us.
          • If the internet is a teenager, then social media is a toddler and it is always tumbling.
          • The ROI of friendships sucks
    • Why does it matter that we close this gap? Because God cares about art.
    • In Exodus 31 God loves art.
    • There were amazing artists in Scripture that sat on their art and weren’t willing to serve God. We’ve got the same opportunity everyday. 1 Corinthians 6:19.
    • Everyday you use your craft to help someone rebuild their life, you are rebuilding the temple.
    • This is a room full of temple builders.
    • This isn’t just about art, this is about building a temple.
    • We have an amazing chance, and call and I want artists to step into it.

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