WindyCityGo Mobile Conference :: Ben Gottlieb – iOS Development

FYI the following post is extremely code language heavy. This was way over my head, but some of you may enjoy it…

Ben Gottlieb is an iOS developer who runs and has a Crossword game app in the app store. You can follow him and find his stuff here.

Tools, Testing & Talk – Honing your iOS Developer Skills

How do you hone your iOS developer skills?

Tools – knowing your tools is important

  • Xcode 4 – learn it. love it. live in it.
    • a complete redesign of the last version.
    • they changed everything that developers had gotten comfortable with
    • “Better necessarily means Different.” – Jonathan Rentzsch
    • IDE Remade
      • Entire UI re-thought and re-worked
      • Discards decades of cruft (the Project Builder legacy)
      • Lots of new technology (Clang, LLVM, LLDB ‘low level debugger’…)
    • Read the Friendly Manual
      • This thing is dense
      • If you’re coming from Xcode3, relax
      • If you’re coming from Visual Studio, Welcome.
      • If you’re coming from Eclipse, Congratulations!
    • Tips & Tricks
      • The Option and Control keys are your friends
      • Schemes are not as shifty as they sound
      • Develop Muscle Amnesia
      • learn the commands
      • shell scripts are your friends
      • new script build phase editor
    • Source Control
      • Everybody uses it, right?
      • Much improved svn support
      • Added Git support
      • Great Diff view
  • Instruments – allows you to profile and check to see how your program is running
    • Measure once…
      • Use the Time Profile to figure out where any of your code is slow
    • Measure Twice…
      • Use the Core Animation tool to figure out where your graphics code is slow
      • Apple loves 60 frames per second
    • Keep Measuring…
      • Use the Leaks and Allocations tools to determine where all your memory went
  • The Simulator – My app runs awesomely!
    • Better than Real Life
      • Things in the simulator may run faster than they appear
      • Mo’RAM, Mo’Problems
      • Touch Targets = Cursor targets
  • Testing – “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat” – Richard Marcinko, USMC
    • Unity Testing
      • Much better support in Xcode4
      • Build it in from the beginning
      • Run in the debugger
    • User Testing
      • Use your app
      • Have other people use your app
      • Developers have blind spots
    • Back to Instruments
      • Automation tool
      • Write your tests in Javascript
    • Participate
      • Apple Developer Forums
      • Stack Overflow
      • Cocoa Heads, NSCoder
      • WWDC
    • Watch
      • ADC on iTunes
      • Can’t go to WWDC? Watch the videos!
      • Pragmatic Programmer’s videos
    • Read
      • Blogs (Cocoa with Love, Cocoa is My Girlfriend, etc.)
      • Books (too many to list, Big Nerd Ranch)
      • Apple Documentation. Amazingly good.

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