WindyCityGo Mobile Conference :: Brett Keintz – How to Get Noticed

Brett Keintz is a product manager at Groupon in Chicago, IL with the official title of “Director of Social”.

Prior to Groupon, Brett was CEO and co-founder of Sharethrough, a startup providing viral media distribution for major brand advertisers. Sharethrough emerged out of 750 Industries, which was founded at Stanford and built viral applications on the Facebook platform. During the beginning of the company’s existence, 750 Industries grew its user base from 0 to 20 million users in 60 days. Learn more about him here.

Lesson 1 – jump on new technologies

  • I knew I had to go to Palo Alto to get into the mobile app business
  • We started out with an app for fashion reviews
  • We didn’t actuslly produce any results
  • Then Facebook launched a platform
  • Because we didn’t know what we were doing, it was easy for us to pivot to a new platform
  • We went from 0-100 users in 30 days. Which wasn’t that good.
  • I cherished every single user we had. It was just cool to build something.
  • We continued to try.
  • 1 month later we were experts in the Facebook platform.
  • We put out an app in an hour called hugs. We didn’t make it too complex.
  • We went from 0-2 million users in 30 days.
  • Simplicity is key with any sort of mobile app. Hugging has been around forever and all we did was tap into that desire of people.

Lesson 2 – build and release fast

  • It doesn’t take that long to build an app.
  • Don’t take too much time doing research. Just do it.
  • Boyd’s law of iteration – “Speed of iteration beats quality of iteration”

Lesson 3 – measure behaviors you care about. Don’t measure things you don’t care about. Choose a few metrics that matter to you and focus on those.

  • Include a call to action – If you tell someone to do something, they’ll actually do it.

Lesson 4 – engagement is king

  • Benchmark yourself – use a service like flurry
  • Don’t get overloaded by metrics

Lesson 5 – don’t try to optimize your way to a breakthrough, you can only get there by taking a leap of faith

Level 1

  • Set your app keywords according for app stores and mobile browser SEO
  • Setup Appit! With Getjar and link from your site
  • Email all your friends and family relentlessly

– Instore rankings

  • Relevance of app name to search term
  • App meta keywords
  • Short description
  • Popularity (downloads)
  • Ratings

Level 2

  • setup Facebook and twitter pages, connect with friends and family and send updates like crazy the day your app is released
  • get your app on and appoftheday

Level 3

  • banner advertising
  • don’t do incentivized installs (unless you have $500k to spend) – not a good place to put your money

Lesson 6 – I missed it :)

Lesson 7 – finally…monetize smart

Free and paid versions

  • drive installs and usage with one free app
  • monetize by cross-promoting one or multiple “premium” paid apps

In-app payments

  • for utility apps, block valuable features with pay walls

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