Passion 2011 :: Session 2 :: Beth Moore

Beth founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994 with the purpose of teaching women how to love and live on God’s Word. She has written numerous books and Bible studies, includingBreaking Free, Believing God, and The Patriarchs, that have been read by women of all ages, races, and denominations. Through the years, American missionaries and expatriates have taken the Bible studies overseas, resulting in Beth Moore Bible study groups popping up all over the world. Upon completion of a tour of New England this fall, Beth’s Living Proof Live conferences will have taken her to all fifty states since 1994. The events have been attended by more than 658,000 women. God has graciously given Beth the opportunity to serve the body of Christ in many different countries, including Ireland, England, Singapore, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, India, Angola, Kenya, and South Africa.

Don’t Just Be Amazed, Think it Through

Romans 12:

  • Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve the will of God for our lives.
  • We as mortal creatures can actually discern, and distinguish the will of God for our lives.
  • His will is His desire for you. His plan is how he executes that will.
  • It is good and pleasing. It is complete for you.
  • Not just from God’s point of view, but from our point of view.
  • We cannot know the will of God for our lives without the renewing of our mind.
  • You can follow your natural mind and follow directions, but only with renewed mind can you know to take interstate 75 or 85.
  • Anything that affects your calling, God has a special will for your life.
  • We can only be completely fulfilled by the will of God.
  • Whatever God has called you to do, it is more than you can do.
  • To discern the will of God is something you fight for in the Spirit. We must fight with perseverance.

The Brain

  • Putting your fists together makes about the size of your brain.
  • The brain weighs 3 pounds.
  • Decisions are made in the front part of your brain.
  • Your memory is held closest to your temples.
  • We have 100 billion neurons that can make 100 trillion connections.
  • Whatever is going on in our minds is producing fruit in our lives.
  • Science can estimate the circumference of the brain, but they can even begin to estimate the size of your mind.
  • God has placed within each one of us the capacity for brilliance.
  • The same mind that has the capacity for brilliance, has the capacity for darkness beyond what any of us can imagine.
  • Job 21:6
  • The mind is the manifestation of thought, emotion, determination, imagination. It has to ability to know what we are doing and why.
  • Jeremiah 29:11 – God actually thinks thoughts towards us.
  • This brain has such an impact over every single part of our lives.
  • To know the thoughts that we think, try to tap into what is going on in our minds, and actually think about the thoughts that we are thinking.
  • You really can completely change your mind.
  • Repentance literally means to change my mind.
  • 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 – The battle of the mind will never be won subconsciously, it will always be won intentionally.
    • We take captive every thought, and make it obedient to Christ.
    • In other words, renewing the mind.
  • Ephesians 4:17-19
  • Our temptation is to think that we can just manage our addictive behavior.
  • A stronghold is anything that is pretending to be bigger than God.
  • 2 Timothy 2:26
  • For every single plan that God has for you, the enemy (Satan) has a plan to try to destroy it.
  • Is it really possible to live in mental victory? It is possible!
  • Psalm 119:133 – Let no sin rule over me.
  • You and I are completely capable of living life victoriously.
  • 1 Corinthians 6:12 – I will not be mastered by anything, other than Christ.

Not only Destructive thought patterns, but distracting thought patterns

  • If you’re going to do the things that God wants you to do, it takes some focus on Him.
  • In order to truly discern the will of God there must be reflection, and the ability to completely zero in on God, and let every other distraction go.
  • We must be able to shut every other door that is vying for our minds.
  • Psalm 27:4 – Seek Him in His temple.
  • The greatest minds today may not ever bring the impact that they were mean to, because they were never able to be renewed.
  • It has never been harder in all of history to just do one thing.
  • I am challenging you to memorize chapters of Scripture, or even the whole book.
  • We have the capacity to KNOW Christ!

Luke 2:18-19

  • Mary treasured all these things in her heart, and pondered them.
  • Mary did something different than just amazement, she thought it through.
  • The ability to think past the obvious.
  • This week may be amazing, but amazing will not change your life.
  • Don’t just stop at amazement, but think it through.
  • Don’t just be amazed, think it through.

Change the way you think

  • You really do have the right and capacity to make decisions, and do it.
  • Think new thoughts about the old thing, and it will confuse the power it has over you.
  • We have the capabilities to know the thoughts we think.
  • If we change our minds, it will change our hearts
  • Luke 4:45 – He opened their minds so that they could understand the Scriptures.
  • He opened their minds.
  • 1 Corinthians 2 – Love Him with your mind
  • If you give Him your mind, He will blow it for you

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