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So I got this idea to do a “links of the week” post because I come across so many links throughout the week, and I usually tweet them, but they would be helpful to be able to find all in one place. So this is where I will post the good links that I come across each week.

So lets get started…

This first one may be a bit biased because it is an article about the church that I work for, but it still awesome. We hosted the Story Conference last month at our building at Park Community Church. It was an amazing time. You can actually find all my notes here. But here is an article that was written by Gizmodo about the conference, and the hologram projection technology that was used. It’s pretty cool.

This next link is an interview with a good friend of mine, Victor Saad @victorsaad. He is doing some great things. One of which is starting from the ground up, a non-profit organization that I have had the privilege of taking part in. He is a great man, and you can expect some great things from him in the future. The interview was done by @intimateamerica.

For those of you who know me, you know that I am Owl City’s biggest fan. Ok, maybe not biggest fan, but I’m his biggest male fan above the age of 15 :P. Anyways, he just recorded a cover of “In Christ Alone” this week, and it is AMAZING. Check it out.

David Crowder Band has to be one of the most creative bands I have heard/seen. Not only with their music, but also with their videos. They just released a new video for their song “SMS (Shine)” and it is SICK! What makes it even better is that they didn’t hire a crew to come in and do this for them. They did it all themselves, and it is all stop motion. CRAZY.

This next link I am definitely biased towards. My girlfriend’s 21st birthday is coming up next week and to celebrate she is giving up her birthday. She has partnered with charity : water and instead of receiving presents for her birthday, she is asking people to give $21 to help people who don’t have clean water. Her goal is $2000 by the end of November, and we can definitely make it happen.

And last but not least I am going to leave you with a great video to start off your weekend. I came into work on Tuesday, a bit tired, and to wake me up my coworker, Andrew Graff (@acgraff) showed me this video. After watching the video he says, “Isn’t the chorus so catchy?!” You be the judge. Enjoy. O and I do whip my hair back and forth :) Also, don’t forgot this is Will Smith’s daughter and she is 9 years old. Makes the video even better, I promise.

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