Story Conversation: John Sowers

John was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. He attended college at Ouachita Baptist University, going from there to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

He wrote his doctoral thesis on the crisis of Fatherlessness in America.

John is passionate about the people God has put in his life, namely his wife, his family and his friends, as well as seeing young people live out their destiny.


  • What does it do to someone’s view of God as Father?
  • It has been said that “God created man in His own image, we returned the favor.”
  • God was good, but seemed inaccessible. He wasn’t present at all. If my own dad can’t love me, can anyone else?
  • The core experience of the fatherless generation is rejection. And belonging is on the other side of that. He gives us this spirit of adoption. “Greetings from our Lord Jesus Christ, and God our Father.”
  • This generation will never believe that God can be our Father, unless we are willing to step into their lives in the same way that Christ stepped into our lives at the incarnation. Relationship.
  • Speak to artists, what are some ways we can reflect God the Father in the art we create?
  • Speak to pastors and leaders.
  • This fatherless issue is not really something that is in the science fair of causes. We are called to be imitators of God. How can we as imitators of God be any less than fathers to the fatherless.
  • Practical steps for pastors or artists.
  • Getting that call at 3AM with bad news, you really have to engage in those calls.
  • Listen and engage.
  • And mourn.
  • We have to see it, and weep over it.
  • Romans 12.
  • When a generation is mourning, we must engage with that mourning. Mourn and express that through your art.
  • Churches create scholarships for adoption. Churches step into the foster care issue.
  • Show up in a kid’s life.
  • He gave his Son to be incarnation in our lives.
  • What would you say to the leader or artist that experiences this?
  • Seek out a mentor.
  • Forgive. Letting go of the victim story.
  • God heals us through mentoring, and loves us through community.

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