Story Session 6: David McFadzean

DAVID McFADZEAN (executive producer) is partnered with Matt Williams and Carmen Finestra in Wind Dancer Films. With Williams and Finestra, he created and executive produced “Home Improvement,” the ABC hit television show. Prior to that, he served as executive story editor on the premiere season of “Roseanne,” then with Wind Dancer, he went on to executive produce and co-create”Carol & Company,” starring Carol Burnett, and “Thunder Alley,” starring Ed Asner and Haley Joel Osment.
In addition to “What Women Want,” McFadzean produced or executive produced “Firelight,” written and directed by “Shadowlands”author Bill Nicholson, and “Where the Heart Is,” starring Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd.

Our Story will be Told by Someone

  • Ever since God spoke, we have been telling stories.
  • Storytelling is in our DNA.
  • Think about our story as, why is it compelling and believable?
  • What is the purpose of our storytelling?
  • In the coming years, will the church be involved in telling its own story?
  • We need to be involved in Hollywood.
  • Without the training we will not be telling our story to mainline America in 20 years.
  • Non-christians might get our story wrong sometimes, but when they get it right, it can be remarkable.
  • Good stories aren’t always easy to recognize.
  • Recognizing a good story is an art in itself.
  • Jesus did not die to make us moral.
  • Beauty and mystery is the secret to great storytelling.
  • Our story has radiance.
  • Its as if the art cannot contain itself but has to radiate out, creating unexpected dimensions of beauty.
  • Message is part of radiance. We often make the mistake thought that message is radiance.
  • Life doesn’t imitate art, it imitates bad television.
  • Flannery O’connor
  • The beautiful is not sweet or nice.
  • Literature in the second half of the 20th century held art for us.
  • It is encouraging to see artists in Hollywood who do not want to use art to evangelize or to entertain the saints, but the church is not recognizing them.
  • Less than one half of 1% of non-christians identified with spiritual stirrings after seeing “The Passion of The Christ”
  • Art is useful in a much different than a sermon.
  • Knowing God does not stop the search.
  • Our story is going to be told, whether we tell it or not.
  • We are created in God’s image, and somewhere in our DNA is a story of redemption. It will be told in a million different ways until Christ’s return.
  • Radiance is not a matter of passion. Just because you believe in your story, doesn’t make it a good story.
  • “We’re living in a territory held largely by the devil…The theologian and the artist should join forces.”

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