Story Session 5: Gary Dorsey

Gary Dorsey is the founder of the design firm, Pixel Peach.
Being A Christian While Doing Great Art
  • We never started pixel peach with ministry in mind. We just wanted to be a design firm. God has opened crazy doors for us.
  • Compares between music that used to be in the church and music that used to be outside of the church: Amy Grant vs. Joan Jett, Petra vs. Pink Floyd, The Happy Goodman Family vs. The J. Geils Band
  • For me as a young kid, the art available in the churn made me feel one way, and the art available outside the church made me feel another way, and I always gravitated towards the art outside of the church.
  • There was something in the art of the music that made me like it. Not because of the lyrics, but the way they told a story with their music pulled me.
  • Films: A Thief in the Night vs. Close Encounters
  • Make art because there is a world around us that is dying, and looking for hope, and looking for a way out.
  • We need a spiritual renaissance of spiritual artists
  • The most powerful part can’t be seen
  • Don’t be afraid to be honest with your art because that is when it really is art.
  • Lets invite the Holy Spirit into our art
  • Use art to show the unseen

Couch Conversation

  • How do we deal with people in the church that give us short deadlines?
  • Look for a great image that illustrates what needs to be illustrated, and just work on your typography, find some fonts, and just work on your typography.
  • How does a pastor or church leader create an environment that empowers artists?
  • We are working on that in ourĀ  church in Texas.
  • We’ve got a pastor that wants us to make the church look cool. It is one thing to be asked 3 days before, but another thing to come out of a meeting and be organized and planned.
  • What are some of the disciplines that keep you a sharp leader, and a sharp creative?
  • God has just really blessed us with some great relationships. I’ve been able to watch some great pastors, and work alongside them.
  • Learning from other people is huge.
  • How do you lead volunteers effectively in the church?
  • Come to volunteers as a communicator, but not necessarily as a designer.
  • Have a good relationship with them.
  • People can get better at design, unlike singing.
  • What is the easiest way to create website with a lot of content, but make it simple?
  • Plug: Clover
  • Do a really good homepage, and make everything else simple

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