Why Is Email Communication Important For Your Church?

“Email is dead.”

“Email is so 2005.”

“Social media is where it’s at.”


Ever heard these things before? Yeah, me too. I’m here to tell you that it’s not true.

Okay, maybe social media is where it’s at, but email is most definitely not dead. In fact, a recent study found that email is 6x more effective at engaging people than social media. So while I’m a firm believer in social media as a way to effectively reach and engage people, I’m also a big advocate for email communication. I actually devoted my entire talk at ThatCC to this one topic.

It’s also not one or the other. You can’t have an effective church communication strategy with just social media, or just email, or just a website. These are all pieces of a larger digital communication strategy, and they have to work together.

The Process

Social media should lead people to your church’s website.

Your church’s website should lead people to subscribe to your weekly email updates.

Your weekly email updates should lead people to visit your church, and hopefully come to know Jesus.

Of course that’s easier said than done. That’s why it takes time and effort to put these pieces into place, and begin to effectively implement them.

This post is simply part 1 of a series on church email communication. In the next post I’ll be sharing more about how to implement this strategy in your church. If you’d like to receive these posts in your inbox, you can click here and I’ll do just that.

How do you implement email communication in your church?

Do you view it as a viable communication platform?

Leave a comment below…

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