#GLS14 :: Allen Catherine Kagina – God in Business

Allen Catherine Kagina

During her 20-year career as a public servant, Kagina has transformed the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) by taking on corruption, increasing service-orientation and winning awards for innovation. Motivated by a desire to convert Uganda from a borrower to a giver nation, her reforms have led to higher revenue attainment, allowing the government to increasingly fund its national development plan. The URA has become a model public institution for developing countries; Kagina is a sought-after speaker who regularly addresses international forums on resource management

  • In 2013 Africa was the world’s fastest growing continent.
  • World Bank expects that most african countries will reach middle income status by 2025 if current growth rates continue.
  • The rate of ROI in Africa is the highest of any continent in the developing world.
  • Africa is the world’s poorest inhabited content. Why? Corruption.
  • God doesn’t know the difference between business and faith. We are the ones that build these walls.
  • We asked the taxpayer what ways we could serve them?
  • God has invaded the African tax revenue service.
  • Africa is not a poor nation. We have capacity issues.
  • If we will invite the kingdom of God to where we are in the public area in business then I believe God will take over and we will see better societies.

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