#GLS14 :: Erica Ariel Fox – 4 Parts of a Leader

Erica Ariel Fox

Erica Ariel Fox is a New York Times Bestselling author, a negotiation lecturer at Harvard Law School, and a senior advisor to Fortune 500 companies. A seasoned presenter, she is frequently invited to speak to executive audiences and at large conferences.

Negotiating with Yourself

  • Negotiation in a broad sense is one of the most crucial skills for a leader.
  • Today I want to talk about negotiation in a different way.
  • Have any of you ever made a plan?
  • There’s a performance gap – the distance between you at your best and then what you actually do in real life.
  • Identify your key performance gaps and systematically develop yourself to close them.
  • One way to close your performance gap is to look at yourself in a new way.
  • Another way of looking at who you are is to say “I am plural, not singular.” “I am large. I contain multitudes.”
  • When we look at scans of your brain we learn that each of you is more like an orchestra than a soloist.
  • Think of it like The Big Four: The Dreamer (Your inner CEO). The Thinker (Your inner CFO). The Lover (Your inner VP of HR). The Warrior (Your inner COO).
  • Think of yourself like the Big 4: The Dreamer. The Thinker. The Lover. The Warrior.
  • Sometimes the dreamer knows to look for the dream beneath the dream.
  • Ask yourself “Is there a dream in me that I have left behind?”
  • People want to know that you care about them as an end unto itself.
  • It’s much more difficult to lead effectively if people feel like every interaction they have with you is a transaction.
  • Sometimes telling a hard truth and telling it lovingly is the thing to do.
  • Before you go into a tough meeting, do a simple practice of calling the name and face of someone you love into your heart.
  • Find some places in your life where you’re saying “Yes” today, and say “No.”
  • Sometimes the most healthy and skillful action comes from saying “No. Not this time.”
  • Dig deep and grab the full range of your human potential. You have these parts of you in you.
  • There is so much beauty and impact and influence as you start to develop the 4 big parts of yourself.

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