5 Things You Need to Know About the New Facebook Page Layout for Your Church

2 Days…

That’s how long you have until Facebook will force your church to switch to the new Page layout. Historically Facebook changes are not welcome in the online community, but this time Facebook has learned from it’s mistakes. Almost all of these changes are going to be helpful for your church.

So if you haven’t switched to the new layout yet, you won’t have a choice on June 5, so today I’d like to give you a heads up on what to expect from the new Facebook Page. If there’s one thing that churches are known for, it’s being behind the curve. So let’s break that stereotype today.

5 Things to Know About the New Facebook Page for Your Church

1. It’s Clean! 

One of the first things you’ll notice is that all of the ‘Admin’ junk is gone. This is great for you clean freaks. If you’re like me though, I liked having quick access to all of the notifications, messages, and reach numbers. But I’ll get to that in a second.

Compare the old Facebook Page to the new layout…





 2. The new Quick Look Panels are convenient…and they’re fast! 

Was it just me or was the old Facebook Page as slow as molasses? Well those days are long gone, because now stuff actually works…imagine that!

If you hover over any of the numbers under the “This Week” panel on the right side of the screen, you’ll quickly see what is happening on your church’s Page. Everything from notifications, to messages, to Likes, and Reach.

Check it out…


This will prove much more handy than you might first realize. Just give it some time.

3. One Column Timeline! 

Yes, you heard me right. You no longer will have to go cross-eyed while scrolling through your church’s Facebook Page timeline. This is one of my favorite changes to the Facebook Pages because it means that our posts will always be sequential chronological order.

ALSO, the new timeline view does not change any dimensions of your images. You can keep posting those beautiful square images that look even better on this timeline!

The interface is actually designed like a human interacts with a webpage – up and down, left to right. Praise the Lord! Check it out…



4. The Boxes Are Gone..sorta.

One of the staples of the old Facebook Pages were the boxes. These were the Apps on your Facebook Page that you could customize to do all sorts of things. Businesses would most often use them to run contests or sell products. Churches would use them to link to their website.



The good thing is that these Apps are still available, and still present in the same spot, but they are not visual anymore. Instead they are simply tabs under the Cover Image. But they are also bigger boxes along the left side of the page. At least the main ones are there such as, About, Photos, Videos, Likes, and Posts by others.



And you can still customize the apps that are shown in your toolbar by clicking “More” then “Manage Tabs.”



5. Images Stay the Same!

Of all of the changes made to the new Facebook Page layout, probably the most relieving change is the fact there is no change to the image dimensions. If you’ve been around Facebook for a while, you know that they’re not afraid to change dimensions of images at a moment’s notice. Thankfully though, you can keep creating the same images, and hopefully still see success.

I hope these tips were helpful for you as you prepare to make the switch to the new Facebook Page layout. If you’ve already made the switch, I’d love to hear from you!

What do you like about the new Facebook Page layout?

What do you hate about it?

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