Blogging for Your Church

Panic. That’s the emotion a friend of mine was feeling when she sent me an email recently. She works in church communications and was panicking because her pastor was pushing her to start a blog for their church. Her exact words were, “We don’t even have a grasp on Facebook and Twitter and he wants to start a blog!” Does this sound familiar? Have you experienced something similar? I like to call it the ‘Pastor Panic.’

What’s ironic about my friend’s situation is that she was actually putting the cart before the horse. And I think many other churches make this same mistake. The perception is that you need to have a handle on Facebook and Twitter before you can do anything else online. That’s just not true. In fact, you need to have a home-base before you move on to figuring out your social media presence. Your home-base is a place that you own and that you control, and part of that could include a blog.

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Why is a blog so important?
Many churches are intimidated by a blog because they see it as one more thing to do. It’s just one more thing to post for. So why is a blog so important for your church? A blog is important because it is a place where you create and post content that will then get shared on your church’s social media channels. Without a blog, you’re just posting with no way of directing people to a place that you own. Because as much as I will advocate for Facebook and Twitter until I’m blue in the face, at the end of the day you don’t own your church’s Facebook Page or Twitter profile. With a self-hosted blog, you control the content, and you own it.

How do I start a blog for my church?
You have a couple different options for creating a blog for your church. If possible, I would recommend creating a self-hosted WordPress blog. ‘Self-hosted’ means that you install WordPress on the hosting that you purchase. This means you own and you control the blog.

Site5 is a great option for hosting. It’s affordable, and offers an easy way to install WordPress. It’s the hosting provider I use here on my blog, and they offer great tech support. Just FYI, this link is an affiliate link. If you want to purchase a hosting plan with Site5, feel free to help me out and use this link.

Domains is an easy way to search for and purchase domains, and then get them setup with your hosting provider. Check them out.

WordPress Themes
There are a plethora of themes out there to choose from. I like to choose from the large selection of themes at Once again, this is an affiliate link so if you’d like to purchase a theme, go ahead and use this link.

Regardless of how you get started with a blog, just remember that you don’t need to have everything figure out before you start one for your church. A blog is a great place for pastor’s to write their thoughts for the congregation to read, and it’s a great home-base for your content.

Also, remember that your church’s social media presence is nothing without content. Content helps to create that relationship with your community. And that relationship could be the first step in someone’s life being changed.

Does your church have a blog?

Have you found it helpful for your social media presence?

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