5 Ways to Be Encouraged Today


I’m feeling it. Are you? The craziness of Easter is starting to take it’s toll. I left my office yesterday feeling wiped, and now I’ve got to keep at it for another couple days. Whether you’re feeling the pressure or not, I wanted to take a minute this morning to encourage you in what you’re doing. As I wrote about last week, it’s easy to get caught up in the work that is required to ‘pull-off’ Easter weekend at your church, and forget why you’re actually celebrating Easter.


But be encouraged…

  • The work you’re doing matters. It may not seem like it now, but it does.
  • More people are going to be reached this weekend because your church is using social media.
  • Someone will attend your church because they were invited by a friend on Facebook.
  • Someone will hear the gospel for the first time because you have a social media plan.
  • Someone’s life will be transformed because you created a social media invite to Easter.

Remember that this morning as you start sipping on your fourth cup of coffee to keep you awake.
Remember that when you’re up late tonight putting the finishing touches on some Good Friday and Easter materials.
Remember that when your eyes feel like they’re about to explode from staring at your computer screen.

God is using you to draw people closer to himself today.

I pray that you are reminded of the gospel in your own life today. And as you’re reminded of that, you can keep working hard so that others can experience that same gospel this weekend.

So how are you holding up? Are you wiped? What have you been encouraged by this week?

I’ve been encouraged by this passage this week.

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