Church Social Media After Easter

I’ve been talking alot lately about the invitation strategy your church should be taking on social media during the Easter season. If you’re not getting aggressive about your social media invitation strategy for Easter this year, you’ve still got time to get started. Download my Easter Social Media Plan here. After you’ve got your Easter social media strategy in place though, you should be thinking about your post-Easter strategy as well.


What churches often forget in their Easter planning is how they’re going to capitalize on the high attendance that they have on Easter Sunday. If your church is anything like ours, our team is running 100 mph in the weeks leading up to Easter, and the first thing we want to do after Easter is sleep! In fact the week after Easter last year our team sat down and realized, “Dangit! We didn’t include any piece in our service that was inviting people back to church the next Sunday!” I know you all aren’t as absent-minded as we are, but just in case, I wanted to help you take advantage of momentum that you have on Easter Sunday, and invite people back the next week.

Here are 3 helpful action steps
1. Ask – In order for your post-Easter social media plan to be effective, new visitors need to be following you online. Make your social media channels obvious and known on Easter Sunday. Create bathroom signs that give ways for people to connect with you online. Create a slide that runs pre/post service that gives people easy access to your social media channels. This is the first step, and it will set the foundation for you to execute on the rest of your plan.

2. Tease & Create Anticipation – Throughout the day on Easter you should be live-tweeting quotes and pictures from your Easter services. This should also transfer to Facebook and Instagram. At least once though on Easter Sunday you should tease your sermon series artwork on social media for the following weekend. We like to post quotes laid over our sermon series artwork. This will help you create anticipation for your services. You want people to feel like they’re going to miss out on something if they don’t come to church the next Sunday.

3. Invite – The obvious action step is to invite people back from the stage during the services on Easter, but you should also be inviting people back to church on social media. Throughout the week after Easter your social media communication should be tailored towards the new visitor, or the person who just started following you online. Create posts that invite people back to the services the next weekend. These will serve as reminders for people throughout the week.

Hopefully these three steps will help you capitalize on the momentum you have coming out of Easter so that you can be a part of God turning those new visitors into fully-devoted followers of Christ. Because after all, social media can be one of the first steps in the transformation process for a person’s life.

What did I leave off this list?
Have you found anything else effective in your post-Easter planning?

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