Social Media Transforming Lives

Social media can be the first step in the process of someone’s life being completely transformed by the gospel.

Here’s How
Baptisms in our church are always some of my favorite times. They remind me that the work I do is not just tweeting and ‘Facebook-ing’, but it can be a step in the process of someone coming to know Christ as their Savior.

I couldn't find a picture of Jenny's baptism :-(

I couldn’t find a picture of Jenny’s baptism :-(

A woman named Jenny was baptized in our church this past December. There were alot of steps in her spiritual journey, but one of them was that she “found Park on Google.” Thankfully because we have a Google+ Page, we get better search ranking on Google. When she read this line, “I found Park on Google and I started attending on Good Friday…” a smile appeared on my face. Not because of anything that I have done. I’m not patting myself on the back. But I love the fact that God is using social media and the web to bring people to himself!

Of course the story didn’t end there. Her first point of contact with Park was online, but when she walked through the doors for the first time, what made her experience even better was that she felt just as welcomed in person as she did online.

There are stories like this happening constantly. So the next time you tweet a sermon quote, or you share that image from your church service, just remember that God can use that social media post to transform someone’s life. So in light of that, let’s give Him our best work. Don’t just throw stuff up on Facebook and Twitter so that you can say your church is ‘active’ on social media. You have to be intentional. You must have a plan.

What you’ll also notice about the Jenny’s story is that she started attending on Good Friday. Good Friday and Easter is the weekend non-churched people are most likely to step into a church, so you need to make sure you have a social media plan in place to make your church discoverable, and welcoming. If you don’t yet, you can get started here.

Has you seen social media and your website used as a step for people in their spiritual journey?


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