Facebook Changes for Your Church

Whether you’re just starting to use social media for your church or you’re a veteran you should know something…Facebook is a moving target. Yes, that’s right. When you use social media you need to be willing to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the social web. Don’t let this stop you from taking the leap into social media, but just know that these social platforms are going to change and it could happen at anytime, so be ready.

One of the most recent changes made by Facebook was a fairly big one. It affects the types of posts that people see in their Newsfeeds. If you’ve been on Facebook recently you may have noticed that your Newsfeed is filled with many more link embedded posts. A link post is a post that contains copy and a link with an image attached. Facebook has decided that these types of posts are going to be seen by more people than any other type of post. On the day that this change went into affect I noticed that my Newsfeed was suddenly filled with these link image embedded posts.

Almost every third post were link embedded posts.


The Good News
We’ve already established that we are in the visual era of social media, and this change just reinforces that fact. If your church is already very design and visual savvy then this change is good news for you. It means that more of your good design is going to be seen by more people, and your church’s Facebook presence will receive more engagement as a result.

The Bad News
There really is no bad news for those churches who already excel in design. If your church has yet to figure out good design then this could be bad news for you, because it means that your poor design is going to be put on display for more people to see.

What Does This Mean?
You should still have a balanced approach to Facebook posts overall, but because this change has been made you do need to add to the amount of image link embedded posts.

How To Do This
When posting a status and pasting a link an embed link will appear. Then click “Upload Image” and you can choose an image you have designed.


This is what the final result can look like with a custom designed image.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 8.27.09 PM

How have you adjusted your Facebook posting strategy in light of this change?

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