Your Church’s Problem in Social Media

If I had to guess, one of your church’s biggest challenges isn’t what you actually think it is. Most people think that they don’t have enough content to have a consistent presence on social media. When in reality, it’s not a lack of content that is your church’s problem, but it is a lack of curation and repurposing.<–[Tweet That] Your church is more than likely producing a good amount of content on a regular basis. The challenge comes though in gathering that content, curating it, and repurposing it for your church’s social media presence.

repurposing content

Of course you need a strategy, and you need tactics behind the strategy to know optimal posting times and how to cater your content, but your content is king and is the foundation for the implementation of your social media presence. So I’d like to break it down as simple as I know how, so you can put this into practice today. You may producing some or all of the following content, but regardless, there is probably content that is being produced in one form that could be repurposed in another form.

Content You’re Already Producing

  • Small Group Studies
  • Sermon audio
  • Sermon video
  • Sermon teaching notes
  • Scripture passages
  • Praise band recordings
  • Other class and group lessons and notes
  • Pastor newsletter/emails

Ways to repurpose this content

  • Facebook quotes
  • Blog posts
  • Daily tweet quotes
  • Free praise band music downloads
  • Snippets of sermons in 1-2 minute chunks for Youtube

There is probably more content that you’re producing at your church that wasn’t listed above. So I want you to think about what is already being done, and how you can take it and repurpose it in a different way. Without content, you’ll have nothing to give to your community online. So go find all the content you’re producing as a church. Curate that content. Repurpose it. And go provide value for your community through social media!

A very practical example I’d like to show you is something that I do frequently at Park. Our Campus Pastors write a weekly email to their campus. Around Thanksgiving one of our pastors wrote an encouraging note to his campus about what it’s like to be a Christian at Thanksgiving around some of your non-Christian family members. So I took that note, re-formatted and re-wrote it a bit, and turned it into a blog post called 2 Ways to Be Missional at Thanksgiving. What served as a specific note for a specific group of people can now be turned into a piece of content to provide value for our entire church!

What other types of content is your church producing?

How could you repurpose that content?

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