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I spent some time over the holidays and with family and friends, but as usual I couldn’t take some time off without thinking about the next year and the ideas I wanted to share with you in the church social media space. Also, as I looked back on my posts from the past year it looked like the idea of a social media calendar for your church really struck a chord with many of you, so to kickoff the year I want to lean into that concept a bit more.

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Don’t Plan to Fail
It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again, if you fail to plan in social media, then you’ll plan to fail. You can have a vision for your church’s social media, and you can have goals, but if you don’t have something as simple as a content calendar, then your church’s social media presence is more than likely going to be a big scatter-brained mess. This is why I developed a church social media calendar for us at Park, and I believe strongly that every church who wants to improve their social media presence should operate on one of these.

This is why I want to make this available to you! This calendar isn’t just a normal content calendar, it is specifically designed for churches based on the rhythm of a typical church week. You don’t have to take this calendar as the perfect standard in your context, because you may have a different rhythm of content that you post at different times, but this will hopefully give you a structure of your week on social media, and hopefully can give you some new ideas. I talk more in-depth about how I use this calendar in this post, but you’ll basically see 3 different sections of the week. And within each of those sections are times and categories of posts. I hope this calendar can be as helpful for you as it has been for me. This calendar is designed specifically for Facebook and Twitter because I know those are the two most-used platforms, but you can adapt it to any social network you’d like.

Click here to download your church social media calendar. Enjoy!

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