How to “Reach” the Most People on your Church’s Facebook Page Without Paying Money

If you’re like most churches, including mine, you probably don’t have alot of resources to devote to Facebook marketing so that your posts reach the most people. We’ve experimented with paid Facebook ads over the last year, and they do work quite well, but the reality is that we can’t pay for Facebook ads all the time, and I’m guessing you’re in the same boat. So today I’d like to help you understand how to “Reach” the most people in your Facebook community without paying Facebook a cent.

If I were to guess, the one number that you probably pay attention to the most is “Reach.” I say this because the “Reach” number is prominently displayed every time you go to your church’s Facebook Page at the bottom of every post. It tells you how many people that post “reached.” I put that word in quotes because all it means is that this is the number of people’s news feeds that it is shown in. So it doesn’t even mean that these people necessarily saw your post, it just means that it was in their newsfeed at some point in time.


Reach matters because if you’re not showing up in people’s news feeds, then people are going to have to directly navigate to your church’s Facebook Page to see any of your posts, and that is highly unlikely to happen. So here are 3 ways to reach the most people without paying for Facebook ads.

1. Create Great Posts - With this in mind, we have to constantly be thinking about the kind of posts we are creating for Facebook, and whether people actually care about what you’re posting. In fact, this should be the first question you ask yourself, “Do people care about what I’m about to post?” If you’re answer is “No”, then you shouldn’t be posting it in the first place. With posts getting seen by less people, the quality of each post must be higher in order to ensure that people are going to interact with it.

2. Create Great Posts More Frequently – You should create great posts, but also be creating great posts more often. Since less people will be seeing your posts, this means that you must try to reach more people with more frequent posts. The average lifespan of a Facebook post is 180 minutes. And as you might expect, an above average post might live longer than this, and a below average post might live shorter than this. So because posts are tending to have shorter lifespans, we must think about posting more often, with better quality, and post at the best times.

3. Create A Diverse Content Schedule - This also means that you must have a variety of Facebook posts throughout the day. You can’t just create text posts constantly and expect them to be seen by everyone in your Facebook community. Some people “Like” more images and photos in their newsfeed, so they’re more likely to see posts that include images or photos. Some people “Like” more posts that include links, so they’re more likely to see posts that contain links. It’s all about creating a diverse Facebook content schedule, then testing that schedule until you figure out what content works best at what times. At Park we post a simple quote to our Facebook Page every day at 8 AM. This has proven to be a successful post for us because people are starting their day and like to read an encouraging or challenging quote from a sermon or from Scripture. You have to figure out what works best for your context and community.

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And finally, don’t get too discouraged if your post doesn’t “Reach” alot of people. Just because one post reaches 100 people, and another post reaches 400 people doesn’t mean you should stop creating those types of posts that only reach 100 people because this may be a completely different set of 100 people than the posts that reach 400 people.

There are other factors to consider as well, but I’ll leave it at that for now. This may seem like alot to remember when creating posts for Facebook, but after a while you will get into a rhythm that works, and you’ll be reaching a large amount of your Facebook community without paying a cent.

Have you created a content schedule?
What other methods have you used to get more “Reach”?

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