Holidays On Social Media

I’ve been learning that context is key for churches in social media. This means that one aspect you should consider as a church is how you are being contextual in your social media posts. This includes time, location, current events, weather, etc. If you can contextualize your posts for your audience then you will see your engagement rise drastically, and more people will interact with you as a church online.

Naturally one of the contexts you should consider in your social media presence is holidays. How are you as a church taking advantage of these days that are most likely celebrated by your entire community and engaging with them? One way to do this is by creating series of posts that can engage your community with the holiday. For example, this week on Thanksgiving you could create some posts that encourage people to be thankful, but also to share what they are thankful for. This can be done through quotes, or pictures and then the call to action is asking what they are thankful for.


Another easy to grasp example could be the advent season. Think about how your church traditionally observes advent, and how that can be translated to your community online. What would it look like during the advent season to post a picture to Instagram everyday that reflects the advent devotional for that day?

You must think about your church’s social media presence as a way for you to interact with your community throughout the week. Through this lens you’re able to give encouragement, challenges, and inspiration to action even in the times when you may not necessarily have normal access to them.

It’s through these creative ways of thinking through your church’s social media presence around the holidays that you’re going to be able to contextualize posts and give people the space and ability to reflect more on the meaning of holidays throughout their week.

How are you taking advantage of holidays in your church’s social media presence in order to contextualize and engage your community?

What other creative ways have you done this?

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