Context is Key in Church Social Media

There is a saying going around right now in regards to digital and social media presence, “If content is king then context is queen.

What does it mean?
Content is what drives your presence online. If you’re not providing valuable content for your community then you’re going to become irrelevant to them, and they’ll stop paying attention. After all, what are you going to post to your Facebook Page if you have no content? The good news is that your church is a content factory, so you should never be in a shortage of content for your online presence.

context is key

But you can double the value of your church’s content when you leverage your context to share that content. Still confused? Some content is always valuable, no matter what. For example, a successful post for your church may be an encouraging piece of Scripture. But what would make that post ten times more valuable? If you posted that same Scripture at a relevant time in the context of your community.

For example, if your pastor preaches on the topic of biblical worship on a Sunday, then you could leverage a quote or Scripture on that following Monday to provoke thought about how your community is going to worship God as they’re going into their workplace that morning. Here you have leveraged your context (a Monday morning as people are getting ready for work) to provide valuable content (a quote about biblical worship in all of life).

This is where it’s important to create balance between scheduling social media posts and being able to create posts on-the-fly. You need to find your rhythm, but I usually schedule out essential posts for the week on Facebook and Twitter, and use Instagram as a more on-the-fly solution, and then sometimes cross-post those pictures to Facebook and Twitter.

If people can see that your church’s social media presence is robotic and automized, that’s a not a good thing. Leave room for yourself to be creative in the moment.

But one thing is for sure, whether you’re scheduling posts or creating them on-the-fly always try to be as contextual as possible.

Some contextual aspects you should take into account are:

  • Time of day
  • Location
  • Season
  • Current events

Do you find it difficult to create contextual posts in social media for your church?

How have you found it helpful?

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