Optimal Times For Facebook Posts For Your Church

The question I get asked most often by churches using social media and specifically Facebook is “When are the best times to post content?” And my answer is the same for everyone, “I don’t know.” It could be different for your church than it is for my church. It all depends on your context and the people who are interacting with you on social media.

But guess what? You don’t have to ask that question anymore, at least not for Facebook. Now Facebook has created a tool that analyzes your fans and then tells gives you a daily break down of how many are online at what times throughout the day. This data is invaluable as it basically tells you when are the best times to post content. You’ll still need to go through some work to figure out which types of posts work best at which times, and you’ll still need to do some trial and error as well.

The feature is called “When Your Fans Are Online” and it does exactly what it sounds like. It analyzes data from your fans and tells you when they are online each day. This feature has been one of the single most insightful tools for me over the past couple months.

How It Works
In order to find this tool you do need to a bit of digging. After navigating to your church’s Facebook Page click “View Insights”


Then click “Posts”. You’ll see a nicely laid out graph of the week and as you hover your mouse over a day it will highlight the specific times that your fans are online that day.


Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 9.30.23 PM


Have you used this tool before?
Have you found it helpful when posting content for your church?

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