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Imagine with me for a second…What if you were able to hone in on the exact interests of the people who follow your church on social media and cater your content to pique their interests. Well guess what…you can. There are a couple tricks available for Twitter and Facebook that allow you to see the specific interests of the people who follow you and you can get some pretty interesting information. Granted, I would hope that you already know your church congregation well enough to know generally what their interests are, but sometimes people will share different information on Facebook that you might not know.

How to do it on Facebook
There is this little underutilized tool called Graph Search that exists on Facebook. You may just know it as the search box where you can search for friends or Pages, but you can actually run in-depth searches such as “favorite interests of people who like (insert your church name)” See my example below…

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 7.24.24 PM

And this is what returned in the search results…



As you can see, the top 3 interests of people who like our Page are the Bible, Jesus, and Traveling. The next 3 results are Running, Chicago Bears, and Hiking. So as you can see many people who like our Page are interested in outdoor activities and staying fit. Also the Bible and Jesus.

So how does this affect the content that we post on our Facebook Page? Well it doesn’t affect it too much, but it is good to know that if I’m posting a picture of the city then I might want to take that picture along the lakefront running path where most people run in the city. That picture could get more attention than others.

You can find similar information on your Twitter followers as well. Go to and login to your church’s account. From there click “Analytics”, then click “Followers.” You’ll not only get a graph of your follower growth over the past year, but you’ll also get a breakdown of male to female ratio, as well as the other accounts that your followers are following, and your followers top interests. See example below…

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 7.32.08 PM

This information is a little less specific, which is actually nice because it gives general interests such as business and news, and marriage, and leadership. This is actually very helpful information because as a church it gives me insight into the content that we can be sharing and how it can help our followers. If 33% of our followers are interested in leadership, then that means we can produce more leadership content as well as share more of that type of content from other sources.

It’s all about providing helpful and relevant content to your followers, and I believe that as a church we can offer helpful insight into each of those interests.

Did you know about these tricks?
Do you think this would be helpful for your church?

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