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jo saxton

As the college pastor at St. Thomas Church, Sheffield, Jo planted missional congregations amongst college students and young adults. Now as Director of Pioneer Communities with 3dministries, Jo works alongside church leadership teams seeking to build missional churches in today’s culture. She’s married to Chris, a Lutheran pastor and they have two amazing daughters, Tia and Zoe. They lead a church in inner city Phoenix. Jo’s also an author – Real God, Real Life, is scheduled to release April 2010.

Imitate Jesus

  • When Jesus made disciples the way he did it was to produce disciples to be disciple makers.
  • Every church should ask themselves two questions: What is your plan for discipleship and is your plan working?
  • Jesus produced leaders that didn’t just think like him, but he also produced leaders that looked like him.
  • Discipleship was the primary strategy of the best leader who ever walked this earth to change this world.
  • Are we making disciples the way Jesus did?
  • If we’re not making disciples the way Jesus did, are we still expecting the same results?
  • In my previous church we had a cultural earthquake where no one was coming to what we had built.
  • Jesus had a bunch of knowledge, but he also invited people into his life.
  • To do discipleship we try to start with transfer information.
  • When we disciple people are we just throwing out information or are we showing them Jesus?
  • There needs to be imitation in discipleship.
  • Can people see the gospel lived out in your life?
  • People grow when they have examples from other people, and access to other people’s lives.
  • Do people have access to your life? Are you creating a culture where people have access to your life?
  • It’s not family and a mission. It’s family on a mission.
  • Are there people that the Lord wants you to give access to?
  • Are we willing to give people practical tools?

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