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James Andrews

James Andrews is the Founder/CEO of Social People  a strategic communications consultancy which helps companies develop digital & social strategies to build better connections with their audiences. With a team and resources in Atlanta, Los Angeles, London and Dubai their clients have included Nike, Turner Broadcasting, Lexus, Beats By Dre, The Grammy Awards, and Actress Jane Fonda.

Conversation with James Andrews

  • Social Media: The intersection of technology and social interaction to create, share or connect online.
  • Social media is powerful and it’s more than what you had for lunch.
  • Appeal to someone’s personal interests, and show them how to use tools to curate content for those interests.
  • If your thing is customer service, then that should transfer to your social media presence. So we created a narrative around customer service.
  • Move away from a model of interruption and broadcast, to a model of participating in a conversation.
  • Tool: Bottlenose
  • Tool: Insight pool
  • Tool: Sproutsocial
  • Tool: Social office suite
  • Tool: Simply Measured
  • Social media gives you a tonality, and voice and posture.
  • The Twitter feed should not just be about you, but it should be about your voice.
  • No matter how much resources you have, it’s about how hard you hustle.
  • It’s not about the tools and widgets. It’s about the story and narrative that you’re telling.
  • Twitter Parties: Example – Wednesdays, 3-5 PM
  • Twitter office hours – pastors or leaders
  • A hashtag strategy is only as good as the people who are using it.
  • You’ve got to bring people into a realtime Jesus moment through social media.
  • You have to put data into narrative form.
  • What is the world talking about and how does your organization fit into that?
  • Here are the conversations that are happening online. How can we speak into it?
  • Create a social media guidebook for multi-site organizations.
  • Tool: MightyBell
  • Tool: Venue Labs

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