Monday Wake Up

It was a bit of a crazy weekend. We launched our sixth campus at Park. It seems like the preparation for launching a campus has become a bit customary at this point, but it never loses it’s excitement when we can stand worshiping with the body of believers in a new church that was not present in that neighborhood previously. To know that God is using us to spread the gospel to different parts of the city of Chicago is an amazing thing. And the fact that I get to be even a small part of that is great!

So now we’re at 6 campuses and 10 services across all of our campuses each weekend. But I still stick to my strategy of live-tweeting services each weekend, because it works! How do you tweet in a multi-site environment?

Photo Sep 15, 10 20 53 AM

Praise God for standing room only in our launch service!

In Later News…

  • I wrote a new post recently about creating anticipation in church through social media. Check it out here.
  • My friend, Justin Wise is hosting a webinar on the 7 social media mistakes that you’re making and how to fix them. Register here for free.
  • I don’t write much about it here, but I’ve started writing more about my life in urban ministry over on Park’s blog. Check it out.
  • Facebook just changed the way links are viewed in the newsfeed and personally I like it. It shows a much larger image with your link. Get all the info here and how you can take advantage of the change for your church.
  • I always love listening to smart CEO’s talk. I think the church can learn alot from the way that some people run their businesses. Here is an interview with Mark Zuckerberg. Check it out.
  • Ever thought about running a contest on Facebook? Here’s a cool app that makes it super easy. Check it out.
  • Well the new iPhones were announced last week, and honestly I wasn’t too surprised. It seems like Apple is having a harder and harder time keeping things a secret anymore. I personally am trying to decide between the black or the gold iPhone 5S. Here is an interesting post about the iPhone 5C and why Apple made it. Check it out.

Okay, so if for nothing else, this video below was worth the price of admission (nothing btw). Seriously though, this is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a while.


How was your weekend?

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