Monday Wake Up

One of the reasons I love living in Chicago is because there is never a lack of something to do, and it’s usually all within a 4-5 mile radius. This past weekend Amy and I enjoyed some opera in the park, for free! I’ve never actually experienced live opera before, but it was actually quite relaxing. Especially when you can’t see the performer, and you can just lay on your back and gaze at the stars. The singing causes you think. Click below to get a quick taste of our night (fyi, you may want to turn your volume down).


In Later News…

  • I’m writing an ebook about mistakes that I’ve made while using social media for a church. And I’d like to hear about some of your best and worst moments as well. Leave a comment below, and let me know! You could be featured in my ebook.
  • In case you haven’t heard, my friend Tim Schraeder is writing a book called Church Communications 101. And don’t be fooled, it’s not just for the beginners out there. The title actually represents the 101 short essays that make up the entire book. He needs your help to make it happen though! Go help!
  • I resonate with Gary Vaynerchuck’s post here about social media not being about the numbers. One of the things I’m writing about in my ebook is that churches shouldn’t worry about getting more “Likes” or followers. Yes, you should pay attention to the numbers, but it’s not all that matters. Check it out.
  • Seth Godin has not surprisingly started his own school, and anyone can be a student or instructor. Check it out.
  • Center for Church Communications and Church Marketing Sucks hosted a live hangout last week to talk to some awesome church communication peeps about what they’ve learned. Definitely worth checking out.

Okay, and that does it for this Monday Wake Up. Don’t forget, if you run social media in your church, I want to hear about a mistake that you’ve made. Leave a comment below. Go!

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