Churches Are Social Media Content Factories

Justin Wise said it at the Echo Conference in July,

“Churches are content factories. We just need to learn how to utilize that content.”

content factory

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And he’s right. Many times as pastors and leaders in the church we get hung up on this ‘content problem.’ The questions I get asked most from pastors is, “What should I post to social media?” Much of this comes from the fact that some people just don’t understand social media, but after I’ve spent some time explaining that it’s actually good to post personal things on social media, because it lends some authenticity to their online presence, then I begin to explain that there is no need to worry about creating new content for social media.

Repurpose and Tailor

What we tend to forget is that our churches put out so much content on a weekly basis, that we don’t even need to worry about creating new stuff. It’s already there. We just need to learn how to repurpose and tailor that content for social media. This can apply to both your church’s branded social media presence, or your presence as a pastor or church leader.

I’ll give you a very practical example

I run social media for a multi-site church in Chicago. On any given Sunday we could have up to 5 or 6 different pastors giving different sermons simultaneously. Instead of looking at this as a challenge, I actually look at it as an advantage. This means that I actually have 6 different sources of content to pull from throughout the week as our pastors send me their teaching notes, and passages they’re teaching on. Then I tailor portions of those notes (quotes, questions, etc) for our church’s social media presence.

This goes the same for you. Whether you’re a small church or a large church, I’m guessing that your pastor (or you) is teaching a sermon every week. If that’s the case, do something simple. Just ask them to send you their teaching notes each week. You can then repurpose different portions of their notes for Facebook posts and tweets, or write blog posts based on certain questions that they ask in their sermon. Those are just a few practical examples. The possibilities are endless.

Never convince yourself that your church doesn’t have anything to post. Because in reality, you probably have a ton of content, you just need to learn to utilize it in different ways.

What challenges have you faced in regards to content for your church’s social media?

Have you tried some of the examples I’ve given above?

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