Focus in Social Media

When it comes to building a community, that one person who is willing to read your content matters.
That one person who buys-in to your vision matters.
That one person who is willing to share your vision with their friends and network matters.

If you can get that one person to buy-in then your influence is exponential.
Someone who is passionate about your vision is willing to share it. And the ability they have to share it through social media is what makes this important.


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This requires focus.

The person who doesn’t matter is the person that will destructively criticize you.

Pay attention to the people who buy-in and forget about the rest.


The people who buy-in to what you’re saying are so passionate that they’ll influence their friends to buy-in.
The people who destructively criticize you, and don’t buy-in aren’t worth worrying about, because the time you spend trying to please them is valuable time that you could be using to invest in those who already believe in you.
Stop chasing those who are running away from you.
Focus on those who are hungering for what you’re giving.

When you focus on people who are bought-in, they’ll influence the ones who don’t matter to you. And when the ones who don’t matter to you, start paying attention to you, that is when they might start mattering to you. But you need to let it happen naturally. Don’t try to please them just for the sake of being liked.

You just need create content for the people that matter, and then let them do the rest.

This could be applied to your church communication, or to your blog, or online community, or social media presence.
How does this apply to you?

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