Monday Wake Up

This weekend I was reminded of the great people that God has placed mine and my wife’s path. Always remember to be in relationship with other people. It’s the only way that we can grow in our love for one another and our love for Christ.

My wife was also kind enough to sit through the Steve Jobs movie with me this past weekend. I’ve read alot of accounts and listened to many people who know about Steve Jobs’ life and his time at Apple, but it was interesting to see it displayed on the big screen. I think the thing that stuck out the most was the laser focus that Steve had on creating products that connect with people. Yes, it would seem that he was a jerk, and lost relationships along the way, so I don’t commend that, but focus on creating amazing products has always intrigued me, and causes me to reflect on my own life and the purposes that God has laid out for me and my family. I would recommend going to see the film, whether you like Apple or not.

And to top off the weekend, we went to the beach with some of our friends and my wife was able to snap this pic. I thought it was a pretty good one. :)

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 8.32.56 AM

In Later News…

  • The YouVersion Bible app has passed 100 million downloads, which is amazing, and the Chicago Tribune has written an article about how the app came to be. We use YouVersion Live on a weekly basis during our services, and I had the privilege of speaking to this reporter about how it benefits us. We’re mentioned in the final paragraphs. Check it out.
  • Phil Bowdle talks about 4 mistakes that he made in his first 3 years as Communications Director at West Ridge Church. I think one of my favorites is his final point about losing long-term vision in short-term tasks. So hard to fight against this, but so important. Check it out.
  • Ever since hearing my friend, Justin Wise speak at Echo last month, I’ve been reminded that numbers do matter when it comes to social media in the church. So I’ve been looking at our analytics and figuring out how to best use them to implement a strategy in social media. One of the tools I’ve been using to do that has been It’s pretty amazing, and it’s FREE! Check it out.
  • I’ve been reading Scott McClellan’s new book, Tell Me A Story, and I love it! I’ve also gotten the opportunity to get my hands on a couple extra copies, so be on the lookout this week for a review on the book, and a way to win a copy of the book!


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