Social Media = The Greeters of Your Church


Social media isn’t just for the nerds anymore.
Social media has changed and is changing our culture.
Social media has changed the way we communicate.
Social media has changed the way we make decisions.
Social media is uniting people to create good.

It’s not about the platform of social media, but it’s about what we’re doing with it.

Your social media = the greeters of your church.

These were my friend, Tim Schraeder‘s opening words as he gave his talk at the Echo Conference on how churches can master social media.

The reason I resonate so much with this statement, is because it is SO TRUE!

Think about it…25 years ago, before the internet became mainstream, the first experience someone would have with your church was when they walked through the doors for the first time, or when they met someone from the church. Someone’s first impression was based on the human interaction that was had with someone from your church.


Today, a first impression of your church could be formed before a person has ever even met someone from your church. A first impression is formed online, from your website. And even beyond that, someone can interact with your church through social media even before they may meet someone in person.

And this is why social media is the new greeter of your church. That smiling face that greets you before a weekend service, should now be greeting you and your guests every day through Facebook and Twitter, and especially on Sundays. That doesn’t mean you should put less focus on the human experience when a guest visits your church, but in fact it means you should probably put more emphasis on it. Because if that human experience doesn’t match up with the experience you’re giving them online, then you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

I’m guessing you wouldn’t dream of holding a worship service without having greeters at the door of your church, right?

So don’t assume that as a church you can get away with not using social media to encourage, challenge, greet, and interact with your community throughout the week!

And since I seem to be in the habit of quoting my friend Tim,

Churches that don’t understand social media quickly, will get left out of the conversation.

Do you understand social media as a church?

Does this view of social media = your greeting team, change your view on how you use social media?

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