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This past week was another busy one. We were a satellite host for the Global Leadership Summit, which meant that I got to sit in on all of the sessions, and hear some pretty amazing speakers! It seemed like the overarching theme this year was leading with relationship (at least that’s the theme I drew out of it). Some of my favorite talks were given by Brene Brown on vulnerability, Vijay Govindarajan on innovation, Patrick Lencioni on job misery, and Bill Hybels on courage.

If you missed the Summit, you should definitely check out all of my notes here.


Credit: Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit Facebook Page. Click to view.

Here are some of the highlights and favorite quotes from Summit (Click to Tweet):

What’s more important, the first $500 you get paid, or the email from your boss asking about your sick dad? – Patrick Lencioni

Growing up, we were po. We couldn’t even afford the other letters. I was being sponsored by a family in Haiti. – Michael Jr. Comedian

Encourage people in something that they don’t see in themselves. – Liz Wiseman

As a leader see people for who they’re becoming. Not who they were. – Bob Goff

Making Christian shows or movies doesn’t give you permission to make it crappy. – Mark Burnett

Box 1: Manage the present. Box 2: Selectively forget the past. Box 3: Create the future. – Vijay Govindarajan

Blame is the simple discharging of pain and discomfort. It has no value whatsoever. – Brene Brown

We are so desperate for belonging that we build enemies based on the fact that we disagree about the same thing. – Brene Brown

To be alone in ministry is to waste an opportunity to mentor a young leader. – Oscar Muriu

The people who thrive create a list of things they can absolutely do & forget about the things out of their control. – Dr. Henry Cloud (This quote came out as my most retweeted of the week with 40 retweets)

If you’re not dead, you’re not done. – Gary Schwammlein

If a guy can predict his death and his resurrection and then pulls it off, I am with him, no matter what. – Andy Stanley

If you were at the Summit, what were some of your favorite quotes?

If you weren’t at the Summit, what is one of your biggest questions about leadership?

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