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chris brown

Chris Brown has served as a Senior Pastor and Teaching Pastor at North Coast Church since 2004. Prior to that, he developed a nationally recognized student ministry at Azusa Pacific College, where he served as the Campus Pastor. His mid-week Bible study known as “911” started with 80 and grew to over 1,500 students.

A gifted story teller and Bible Teacher, Chris is a sought-after conference and chapel speaker. His humor and motivational style have helped North Coast Church continue to grow, not only larger, but also younger during his tenure. He shares the weekend pulpit with Larry Osborne – each teaching roughly half the time.

Chris is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University. He lives in Oceanside with his wife Amy and their three children.


Servant Leadership

  • Spiritual leadership will always be different than secular leadership.
  • 1 Samuel 18
  • Saul shows the heart of leadership. “What more can he get but the kingdom?” And from that time on, Saul kept a jealous eye on David.
  • Saul didn’t have room in his chariot for David. Saul had room in the company, but Saul couldn’t celebrate the achievements of others, the moment they started to overshadow his achievements.
  • Sometimes in losing our title, we find our character, and we find value in God’s kingdom, not ours.
  • There’s nothing wrong with desire. But we have to keep in mind whose kingdom this is.
  • It’s not about greatness. It’s about serving others.
  • We don’t care who is teaching the message, as long as the message is being taught.
  • Why should we do this?
  • Because Jesus said so.
  • We’re going to get a healthier you.
  • We’re going to get a healthier team.
  • We’re going to get a healthier organization.
  • In the American church we have personality and succession issues.
  • We have made God’s church a hierarchy.
  • Our calling has to trump our culture.
  • If I can’t celebrate someone better than me, then I need to leave.
  • God called you to be a servant of everyone.
  • Questions:
    • Can you do this?
    • Can we empower others to the point of taking some of our power and prestige?
    • Start asking, now how can I be the best leader I can be? But with the title I’ve been given, how can I be the best Jesus I can be?
    • If I’m forced to choose, will I be more about God’s kingdom, than my reputation?
    • What difference is the Holy Spirit making in the way I currently lead?
    • If a non-believer with my exact same skill set had my job, would they be doing it differently?
    • You are God’s plan A for the marketplace.
    • Give away what we have in leadership, because Jesus did even to the point of death.

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