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Donald Miller

At Storyline, we believe people who live clear, meaningful lives have the greatest influence on culture.

Our goal then is to help people create life plans that give them personal vision and clarity. Our life plan is very different, however, focussing on a meaningful life rather than just a productive life. We do not believe people should live their lives as a cog in a wheel. http://storylineblog.com/

Change Your Story

  • What I do for a living, I write memoirs. I have 6 memoirs now, which makes me the most narcissistic person in all of evangelical christianity.
  • When you write your story, people can find themselves in your story.
  • An American Childhood – Book
  • Traveling Mercies – Book
  • Jesus will go places that I’m unwilling to go.
  • Born Standing Up – Book
  • The things that these three books have in common is that I feel gratitude after reading them.
  • A good communicator can make their audience understand how good life can be.
  • For the next season of my life I’m going to stop telling my story, and help other people tell theirs.
  • 3 Elements that have to be there as you tell your story:
    • Who are you?
    • What do you want?
    • What happened when you went for it?
  • Most of us don’t know who we are. We just know who we are supposed to be to be approved by our community.
  • These also happen to be elements of a meaningful life.
  • A Man’s Search for Meaning – Book
  • Freud said that man exists to find pleasure. Franco said man is searching for a deep-rooted sense of meaning. A sense of meaning is experiential.
  • You find meaning in 3 ways:
    • committing yourself to altruistic project.
    • sharing your life with other people who you love and who love you.
    • exploring redemptive perspectives toward your suffering.
  • When something terrible happens our minds automatically create a list of negative things. But then you can create a second list of positive things.
  • What if we get to decide whether our lives feel meaningful or not?
  • What if you and I choose to do with our lives can either give our lives a sense of meaning, or not?
  • Aren’t all the major characters in Scripture sent on missions that are hard? Paul’s life was miserable, but he loved it because he had a deep sense of meaning.
  • At some point every human being learns wrongly that there is something wrong with them.
  • I created something to cover myself up as a kid. I hid behind my personality.
  • If I’m not funny or smart, do I matter?
  • As I started to cover myself up, I started to impress more and more people, and I was getting more lonely inside.
  • What if we’re not the identities that we project?
  • When I project an identity that isn’t a real me, I just make a fool of myself.
  • Who are we if we are not the identities that we project?
  • Who we’re not:
    • We’re not the identities that we project.
    • We are not our failures.
  • When we get down into the shame, that is where change really takes place.
  • We are not our successes.
  • My books became a less joyful experience because they were succeeding.
  • My friend told me after I had not been writing well, “I think you’re being careful.”
  • I am willing to be wrong. I am willing to have people angry at me. I am willing to be theologically wrong. I’m willing to look stupid.
  • I started writing my blog from this perspective and my blog traffic doubled in 3 months.
  • After I got rid of my successes and failures, I was myself again.
  • What would your life look like if you cared 50% less about who approves of you, 50% more about who cares about you?
  • We know what you’re supposed to do. But what do you actually love and care about?
  • What’s the first step for you to go and live a completely different story? One where you deeply connect with other people.
  • What happened when you went for it?
  • There’s nothing that we’re going to do in our lives that is going to have deep sense of meaning, that is not going to take us into the territory of fear.
  • Does your story give you fear? What would it look like to dive into something that is this scary?
  • Great stories happen when characters take action.
  • Who are you?
  • What do you want?
  • What happened when you went for it?
  • What is the bold thing that I can do to make something beautiful happen?
  • The stories that have changed my life the most has been watching and being in relationship with other people.

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