#Echo13 :: Justin Wise – Mastering Social Media, Pt. 2

 Justin Wise

I’m a content marketing practitioner living in Des Moines. I help people and organizations tell their stories online. I co-founded SOME Co., a social marketing agency. I’m also helping to build SAYGE. I started a podcast called #THINKDIGITAL. It’s a fun way to talk about new media and play lots of 90s rap. My first book will be published in February, 2014. Learn more here.

Mastering Social Media, Pt. 1

  • Social media is a buzzword right now.
  • If you start with social media before you focus on your big idea then you’re going to fail.
  • When there’s not a churchwide strategy to approach social media then there is stress on the system.
  • Keys to an effective social media strategy:
    • Talk about what you love.
    • The goal of any social media strategy should be to build a bigger online audience and influence them to take action.
    • It’s significant to talk about numbers when you talk about social media. Because those numbers are attached to people.
    • Retweets signify action.
    • When you cultivate an online community, you can influence people to action.
    • Numbers matter and geography doesn’t.
    • To influence people to take action, you need to create content.
  • Social Media Marketing Cycle:
    • Awareness
    • Engage – Create better content.
    • To create better content you need to know your audience, and know what they want.
    • Many of us are throwing bait out that our audience doesn’t want to eat.
    • Do a simple reader survey.
    • More lines = More chances of a bite.
  • Justin Wise’s content schedule each week
    • 3 blog posts
    • 84 tweets
    • 30-minute podcast
    • 2 eblasts
  • Churches are content factories. Utilize it.
  • What sermon series have worked the best in the last 6 months?
  • A Content piece = A relational contact pont
  • Each contact point becomes an opportunity for trust.
  • If you’re inconsistent in your content strategy then it destroys trust with your audience.
  • Social media effectiveness starts with trust, trust builds loyalty, loyalty builds results.
  • Key Takeaway: Create consistent engagement with your online audience through relevant content.
  • Commit: Provide opportunities for your audience to commit to something.
  • Call To Action = What’s In It For Me?
  • Evangelize: Your audience will evangelize for you. And they’ll begin the cycle over again.

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