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Whitney George

Whit is the Arts Director at Church on the Move, where he oversees the teams that are responsible for service planning, worship, video, graphics, and production. Whitney is passionate about the local church and loves connecting with other church leaders. He and his wife, Heather, have five children and he loves Notre Dame football. http://www.churchonthemove.com/

 Harnessing Ideas

  • I want to talk about the nature of ideas and how they come to us.
  • We can harness the power of how we create ideas.
  • If we could generate more ideas then it could make us more effective in what we do.
  • Nothing really is original.
  • Every idea is influenced by something else. Everything is a product of some sort of influence. There’s nothing that is completely free from influence.
  • If we understand that everything is influenced by something else, then it changes the way we come up with ideas.
  • There’s nothing more intimidating than the blank canvas.
  • The truth is that none of us are really good or equipped to create something from nothing.
  • God can make something from nothing. But man is different. God gives man control over the garden, so man’s role is different from God’s role.
  • God says to man, you can make something with the resources that I’ve given you.
  • Our job is to let things that have already existed, pass through us.
  • Everything has been done, but it hasn’t been done through you.
  • Think of yourself as a filter for ideas to pass through.
  • Originality is overrated. Authenticity is what matters.
  • Inspiration isn’t one thing, inspiration is everything.
  • Every time I hear a song that I’m moved by, I ask myself what is useful about this?
  • Be aware of what is going on around you, and you will generate new ideas.
  • Be open to the inspiration that is happening already, and let it pass through you with your unique stamp on it.
  • It’s not where you take things from, it’s where you take them to.
  • Great artists see something in one context, and use it in another way.

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