#Echo13 :: Calos Whittaker – Anticipation

Carlos Whittaker

Carlos lives for this…
To ignite a movement among all generations of Christians that disturbs and disrupts the evangelical church into a place of seeing Christ’s face fresh again. http://ragamuffinsoul.com/

 Build Anticipation

  • How many of you are parents? I’ve got 3 kids. I decided to take my daughters to see Justin Bieber.
  • The reason my daughter was freaking out when she saw Justin Bieber was because there was such great anticipation for the moment.
  • As creatives and storytellers, we often leave out anticipation.
  • We need to build in anticipation into our church experience.
  • In church we’ve created a system of church in that there is zero anticipation for something new.
  • How can someone get excited about seeing the same thing over and over again?
  • Ways to build anticipation:
    • Disturb and disrupt the career Christian for the sake of them seeing Christ’s face fresh.
    • Invite them in – Invite your people into the story that you’re telling. If it’s confusing, that’s okay. Confusing sometimes builds anticipation. Instead of just handing people something, invite them into the story of Jesus Christ. – Crossbow example.

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