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Drew Worsham

Although I am thankful for the opportunities to perform in so many beautiful places and I love the art of illusion and Magic, the reason I do what I do is because late in high school I encountered Jesus Christ for the first time and it would forever shift the course of my life. So if we have the opportunity to hang out and be friends in future, know that the reason that I step on stages and the reason I perform is to earn my right to be heard so that for a moment I can share with you what, or rather who, has truly changed all that I am. http://www.drewworsham.com/

 Changing Perspective

  • How do you accomplish the impossible?
  • What is interesting about the whole creative process.
  • We often come across things that seem impossible. But what happens when we change our perspective?
  • The way our minds work is that when we come across a problem, our left side of the brain kicks in and starts processing what is happening. Then the mind gets frustrated. This is what we call a creative block.
  • But if we change perspective, then it becomes easy.
  • How do we switch from the left side of the brain to the right side of the brain?
  • 3 Ways that we as creatives can change our perspective:
    • Writing your ideas down
    • Ask a different question – the first question we usually ask is, “How?” But instead we should ask the “What if?” questions.
    • Literally and metaphorically get out of your seat. – Step away from the project. Sit in the seat of the audience, and see what they’re seeing.

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