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Stephen Brewster

Creative Arts Pastor at Crosspoint.tv. Passionate about creativity, leadership, church, and how those live together. Dad and husband. http://stephenbrewster.me/

 Creative Identity

  • No one calls me by my first name. It’s not like I have a hard first name.
  • People call me Brewster.
  • I’m not a graphic artist, or a creative arts pastor.
  • I have a question for you, “Who are you?” Not what you do, but who are you?
  • Regardless of what you do, your creativity is a gift.
  • You create that thing, and it’s amazing. And you present it. And as your present it, someone doesn’t like it. In that moment, you get consumed with fear and hurt. In that moment they probably told you that out of love, but a transaction just took place and everything changed.
  • We start to feel insecure with ourselves.
  • We start to hear voices that are telling us things that aren’t true.
  • In that moment, we replace the gift that we’ve been given with our identity.
  • The idea of moving people from A to B is no longer our motivation.
  • Our motivation then becomes to create something that people will like.
  • Moving people from A to B isn’t nearly as important as becoming who God created us to be. Usually your identity is found in the moments of failure.
  • Very rarely do we learn amazing things about ourselves in success. It’s usually in failure.
  • The process is messy. We never ever will have enough resources and people and budget and time.
  • God teaches us and it’s how we learn that creativity is about him.
  • What we do is always about the creator and never about the creation.
  • It’s okay to admit that we’re tired and scared, but it’s not okay to give up.
  • We have to trust that who God made us to be is far greater than what we decide to create.
  • In order to move from A to B, it’s a process and it’s a process that we have to go to God and find our identity in Him.
  • The process starts today, and in Him, and it starts with you.

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