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Tim Schraeder

Tim Schraeder is obsessed with all things social media. Having worked with some of the world’s largest churches and para-church organizations, he served as an evangelist for social media with a knack for connecting people and spreading ideas that matter. He’s been a consultant and coach as well as a sought-after speaker and author who helped write the book on communication and social media for the church.

Today, Tim is passionate to help businesses and organizations connect, engage, and build loyal followers across all forms of social media. He is a die-hard Chicagoan who can be found in any neighborhood coffeeshop that has free wifi.

He is the co-founder of Some Company, a social media company that helps organizations and individuals who have something worth sharing.

Social Media 101

  • No social media “experts” allowed.
  • 1999: 39 million people using broadband internet
  • 50% of data on mobile is used to access social media sites
  • 1.15 billion users. 699 million daily active users. 4.5 billion likes per day. 350 million photos per day.
  • Social media isn’t just for the nerds anymore. Social media is mainstream.
  • Social media has changed and is changing our culture. Social media has given everyone a platform.
  • Social media has changed the way we communicate. It has decreased our attention spans.
  • Social media has changed the way we make decisions. When you make a purchase decision, you base it off of what your friends have said about it on social media.
  • Social media has changed marketing. Today, products and services need to go and find people.
  • It’s changing how companies are doing customer support.
  • Social media is uniting people to create good. Charity: Water. Hopemob. Kickstarter.
  • Social media has given everyone a voice and a platform.
  • Social media is maturing and growing up, and is being redefined every single day.
  • It’s not about the platform of social media, but it’s what we’re doing with it.
  • Attention is the currency of the future.
  • Social media is the most significant cultural revolution since the printing press.
  • With every cultural revolution that’s taken place, there’s been an accompanying move of God.
  • The Church has never been more resourced to reach people with the gospel than we are today.
  • Your website = front door to your church online.
  • What you experience in a church service, and the website you experience online should match.
  • Churches that don’t go online will run the risk of going offline.
  • You social media = your greeters of your church.
  • Churches that don’t understand social media quickly will get left out of the conversation.
  • A website + social media are now non-negotiables for churches.
  • A disciple = follower
  • We can literally reach people that might not ever walk through the doors of our church.
  • Social media isn’t the answer, but we can use it to point people to the answer.
  • Create online connections that foster offline community.
  • One of the most powerful ways we can really minister to people is by listening.
  • The value of social media is authenticity.
  • Be missional with social media.
  • It’s not about our church buildings being full, but it’s about building the kingdom.
  • In social media, you cannot afford not to do it.
  • Don’t try to be all things to all people.
  • Failing to plan = planning to #fail.
  • Pastors + Senior leaders must buy-in to social media. Lead by example.
  • People want to know a pastor while he is off the platform.
  • Every generation has been given an opportunity to advance God’s mission on the earth.
  • Every generation has to answer the question, “What did you do with the tools you were given?” So what are we doing with social media?

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